Ken Adams

Ken Adams
Financial Security Advisor, Partner

Ken began working as a financial security advisor in 1997. He provides advice to individual clients on their investment portfolios and insurance matters. 

Ken has experience in individual tax return preparation and takes a holistic approach to investment portfolio construction. Ken believes that a thorough understanding of a client's needs and risk tolerance are essential in creating a strong portfolio that will serve his client's best interest over the long term.

Ken is a past Treasurer of Newmarket Lion's Club and has been an active member of the club since 2007. Ken lives in Newmarket with his wife and family.

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Doug Browning

Doug Browning
Financial Security Advisor

Doug believes that the first step to assessing a client’s needs is to listen. Doug focuses on helping families, small business owners and professionals to achieve their financial dreams on time, while eliminating unforeseen risk on the journey to their financial independence. 

Doug has been a strong advocate within his church family for many years and he currently acts as an auditor for reviewing the accuracy of their reports. He lives in Whitby with his wife.

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Greg Gillespie, CFP
Certified Financial Planner, Partner

Greg has been working in the financial services industry since 1997. He consults with business clients on their employee benefit programs and partnership insurance. Greg advises individual clients on their investment portfolios, pensions and insurance matters.

Greg is a past-President and an active member of the Rotary Club of Newmarket, a Paul Harris Fellow and a member of the Financial Advisors Association of Canada. Greg lives in Newmarket with his wife and their children.

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Karin Barker

Karin Gillespie Barker EPC, CEA
Elder Planning Counselor, Certified Executor Advisor,
 Financial Security Advisor, Partner

Karin has been working in the business since 1992. Obtaining her Elder Planning Counselor designation in 2008 and her Certified Executor Advisor designation in 2016 she specializes in asset management for seniors.

Karin helps guide clients in arranging investment  portfolios that provide lasting income and efficient intergenerational wealth transfer. Karin also provides investment advice and insurance planning for families.

Karin lives in Newmarket with her husband and their children.

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Teresa Adams

Teresa Adams
Marketing Assistant

Teresa has been working with Ken in an administrative and marketing capacity since 2002 after working as a business manager with Bell Canada for 25 years. Her role involves servicing clients on behalf of Ken.

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Alina Thurston

Alina Thurston, BA 
Associate Financial Security Advisor

Alina has been working in the office since 2016 in a client service capacity. She obtained her financial security advisor designation in 2021 in order to continue to serve our clients best needs.

Alina provides in-force administration support to our existing clients. In addition, Alina can provide insurance solutions that suits your family’s immediate and future needs. She also provides investment planning to help grow your future wealth, tailored to your specific needs. Alina lives in Newmarket with her family.

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Sarah Ashton
Client Service Specialist

Sarah has been a valuable and positive team member working as a client service specialist since 2021. She has an extensive background in customer service, spanning more than 25 years, with experience in virtually every role in various organizations. Sarah looks forward to using her well rounded sense of professionalism and experience in assisting our clients with all of their needs in a timely and friendly manner.



John Vyver, EPC

John retired in spring of 2021. We want to wish him and his wife Julia a very happy retirement. Please feel free to contact our offices if we can be of service at 1-800-665-8943.